Saturday, February 14, 2009

Class 4 do's on gnu-Linux?

Reasons for choosing Linux | advantages of linux | Linux gaming | Linux Music Player

Linux Games , Linux music players , features of Linux , why Linux is less virus infected ,

Linux is Less virus infected:

To be very precise about this point,I should say that Linux is multi user operating system by linux less virus and advantagesbirth itself, whereas Windows got transformed to a multi user OS from its original Single user model. Many of those Single user design is still used in modern version of windows.

So if a virus infect a Linux system it is limited to that particular user alone where as in windows access to system files and access to every users is pretty easy. Hence the consequences of virus attach can be much more.

No cost for your operation system:
We have different options to get free linux OS , We may need to pay for support but If you have a good Linux administrator then Security can be handled by them.
Efficient package management system:-

RPM , APT are few efficient package management system implemented in different flavours of linux. These Pakcage management system help in unified and easy patching,More Open source support.Since Linux is developed with a open source concept , most of the applications are available freely. Regular updates are available freely

Different desktop managers:
In Linux we have option to select different desktops such as KDE , GNOME etc.

More security:
As discussed earlier security patches are available easily and freely,most of the Linux systems are secure. Even the patching is made easy with the help of different package managers.

Less restarts:
Most of the updates and upgrades can be done on the fly. so less restarts are required. This is very Ideal for servers.

Gaming support:
With the evolution of X-windows gaming in Linux developed to a far extent. Battle for wesnoth America’s Army A Tale in the Desert Second Life Open Racing .
In the next class i will be dealing with some basic commands that is needed to work with gnu/linux!

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