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How to transfer website between two VPS's!

How to transfer a Website from one to cPanel VPS to Another cPanel VPS?

lets say you find a new Hosting Provider however they don’t support you in transferring your old data or website from your Old VPS here is what you need to do.

First you have to make sure that you have cPanel installed on both the New and the Old VPS. Then only with the click of a few buttons you can transfer your complete website to your New VPS. Hope both have the cPanel installed!

1)Login to your Old VPS with the root username and password for e.g: or

Type the user name & password! ,u have to :) !
username - your username
password- your password

2)Go to Backup’s option in the cPanel Menu and then click on the “Download or Generate a Full Backup” option.

Then under Generate a Full Backup option find the Backup Destination and select the Home Directory

under the option Enter Email Address: enter your email address.

Then click on the generate backup button.

Once the back up is generated you will receive a notification on your email address specified earlier.

3)Then go to the File Manager option on your cPanel and there go to the Home Directory >> /home/username and here you will find the backup that was just generated for you in the following format “backup-11.03.2008_18-06-35_username.tar.gz”

4)Select the backup file and Move it to the public_html directory and then click on the public_html and you will see the backup there.

5)Now change the file permission for the Backup file to 644.

6)Now once this is done login to the New VPS and go to the path where the backup is supposed to be downloaded.

7)Now to get the backup from the old server use the “wget” command in the following way.

wget -c http://the pld VPS ip/~old vps username/backup-11.03.2008_18-06-35_username.tar.gz

8)Then once this is done all you need to do is restore the backup Folder.

To restore the backup,type :-

/scripts/restorepkg --force username

The account restoration process will begin, this will take a long time & the backup process will also consumes a long time.

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