Sunday, April 19, 2009

Open Source antivirus - ClamWare .

ClamWin is free, open source antivirus software for Microsoft Windows,(dont worry you can run it on Ubuntu using Wine).I Liked ClamWin because , it is OpenSource and also its PORTABLE. Yes, it has a portable version that can be used from a USB flash drive. Scan baby Scan!!!

some of the features of ClamWin are:

  1. Standalone virus-scanner
  2. Scanning scheduler.
  3. Automatic virus database updates on a regular basis.
  4. Context menu integration for Windows Explorer.
  5. Add-in for Microsoft Outlook.
  6. And is portable that can be used from a USB flash drive :)
  7. Extensions availabe to scan file that are downloaded.
  8. Addin to Microsoft Outlook to remove virus-infected attachments automatically.
  9. Standalone virus scanner and right-click menu integration to Microsoft Windows Explorer

The latest version of Clamwin Free Antivirus is 0.95.1.Please note that ClamWin Free Antivirus does not include an on-access real-time scanner. You need to manually scan a file in order to detect a virus or spyware.ClamWin Free Antivirus is based on ClamAV engine and uses GNU General Public License.

Portable ClamWin on a USB or Removable Drive:

Follow this guide to make your own portable ClamWin

You can take ClamWin Free Antivirus with you on a USB pen drive, CD or DVD

1)Install ClamWin on a host PC with Windows XP or higher

2)Copy all the files from "c:\program files\clamwin" to a "clamwin" folder on a removable drive. unins000.exe and unins000.dat files are not needed

3)Copy the following files:
from "c:\program files\clamwin\bin\Microsoft.VC80.CRT" to the "clamwin\bin" folder on your removable drive.

4)Copy this ClamWin.conf (right-click to Save) file to "clamwin\bin" folder on the removable drive (note Standalone=1 setting)

5)Create the folowing foldres on the removable drive:

6)Copy the database files (main.cvd and daily.cvd) from your database directory on the host PC (default location is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\.clamwin\db") to the "clamwin\db" folder on the removable drive.

That's it, you can now run clamwin.exe from clamwin folder on your removable drive.

It may take a while to load ClamWin.exe depending on the removable drive speed
If you use ClamWin Free Antivirus on a read-only drive (CD or DVD) your need to burn the latest database before use and won't be able to change preferences.

Tip: Click here to see the list of some portabe softwares.

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  1. hi i just want to ask..can ClamWin really run in Wine??i am curious about that..thank you...